Fan Misting System

With summer comes fun filled events such as pool parties, visits to the beach, and barbeque get togethers. However, the harmful and harsh UV rays from the sun can put a damper on your summer events. Overexposure to the sun can cause sunburns, heat exhaustion, and even heat stroke to people of all ages. Usually, the elderly and younger children are more prone to sun and weather related issues than anyone else, but that does not mean that you should take your chances. If you are having an outdoor event such as a garden party or a wedding, your guests can get very uncomfortable standing in the hot sun. You may want to consider purchasing your very own misting fan system.

Fan Misting Systems for Commercial or Home Use

A misting fan system easily connects to your water hose and releases a small amount of water mist into a fan that pushes the mist out a respectable distance. These types of systems have the power to keep a large number of people cool without getting them damp from the mist. Most misting systems do not require a lot of water because they only release small drizzles of water that are surprisingly enough to keep people comfortable and cool during the hot summer months. Fan misting systems are great for home and commercial use. They make great additions to outdoor restaurant areas or are great at places like public pools, parks, and playgrounds. Some business owners prefer to keep a fan misting system at the entrance of their building to provide customers with a small dose of fresh, crisp coolness as they enter.

Misting Systems Available at Rock Bottom Rates

Mid pressure and high pressure misting systems are available to at Cool Off at rock bottom rates. The PSI of mid pressure and high pressure systems can vary greatly, but a simple water hose connection is required for both types of systems. A misting system with a fan can be surprisingly affordable if you visit our team at Cool Off. We strive to provide the best rates when it comes to misting fan systems so that everyone can enjoy being outside during the summer. Nowadays, a lot more people are sensitive to the heat than ever before. Do not let the sun get the best of you by purchasing a misting system that can provide you with comfort all summer long.

Products to Stay Cool without Paying an Arm and a Leg

There is no time like the present to purchase a quality misting system from our team at Cool Off. We can guide you as to which of our systems will best suit your needs and budget. It is our goal to offer the widest possible selection of summer cooling items without the need for expensive HVAC systems. Reach out to us at Cool Off today to learn more about the various systems we have in our inventory. If you are sensitive to the heat or downright tired of sweating buckets during the summer, a misting fan system could be right for you.

Fan Misting System