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Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater Services in San Gabriel Valley, CA

Having a functioning hot water heater is one of the more underrated aspects homeowners get to enjoy. Responsible for keeping your water warm, the perks of warm water go further than just a comfortable shower. Hot water kills bacteria and effectively cleans dishes, and a tankless water heater helps save money and is environmentally friendly.

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Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy the perks of a water heater if yours fails to work properly. That’s why the experts at Good News Plumbing and Drain Inc. provide tankless water heater services in Glendora, CA, and surrounding areas such as:

  • Ramona
  • San Antonio Heights
  • Sierra Madre
  • Hacienda Heights
  • Chino Hills
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Eastvale

With our help, you never have to worry again about a faulty water heater installation and won’t have to go days without warm water. What else can our technicians do for you? Contact us to explore additional services like our plumbing repair, emergency plumbing, and commercial plumbing services.

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Water Heater Repair in San Gabriel Valley, CA

How do you know if you need water heater repairs? If you have no hot water! While that’s the biggest sign for most homeowners, there are other things to note if you believe your unit is wearing down. Frequent temperature changes, low water pressure, rusty-looking water, and weird sounds from your water heater are signs you need a repair. Call on our tankless water heater service in San Gabriel Valley, CA, and we will evaluate and decipher any issues plaguing your unit.

Water Heater Replacement in San Gabriel Valley, CA

In some cases — either because of an old unit or one with severe damage that went ignored for too long — homeowners will need a water heater replacement. Fortunately, our tankless water heater company in San Gabriel Valley, CA, provides homeowners with replacement units. While doing our evaluations, our main concern is that your unit can withstand the daily grind of a water heater. If your unit cannot be salvaged, or if it requires repair costs that make a replacement more worthwhile, we can recommend and install a replacement water heater for your home.

Water Heater Leaking in San Gabriel Valley, CA

When you first detect a water heater leaking, it can be a scary sight, especially considering you aren’t sure where the leaks are coming from. Usually, homeowners will notice a leak at the bottom of the unit, so if you happen to see any repair signs mentioned above, evaluate your unit thoroughly.

You should first contact a company like Good News Plumbing and Drain to address the problem, but there are a few things you can do beforehand to stop the leaks from worsening. If the leak is likely from the water heater, turn it off (using your circuit breaker) and close off your home water supply to keep your basement from turning into a pool.

The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

To keep your unit operating in peak condition and to detect major issues before they occur, you should be getting water heater maintenance. An underrated part of keeping appliances running is getting proper care. Many homeowners neglect this, even though it isn’t time-consuming and saves plenty of money in the long run. The maintenance experts at our tankless water heater company in Glendora, CA, evaluate the condition of your water heater, testing it for any signs of wear and performing an exterior evaluation of the unit. If having a long-lasting water heater is your goal, don’t neglect maintenance!

In Need of Hot Water Heater Services? Contact the Experts at Good News Plumbing and Drain!

If your water heater goes out of service, you don’t want to wait days or weeks to fix it. Hot water is important for all homeowners, so get the hot water heater services San Gabriel Valley homeowners need to quell all problems with their units. Contact Good News Plumbing and Drain for an effortless water heater installation, repair, or replacement and to keep yours running smoothly for years to come with our regularly scheduled maintenance!

Not only can San Gabriel Valley residents enjoy our services, but we also provide residents in other parts of CA with our services, including Ramona, San Antonio Heights, Sierra Madre, Hacienda Heights, Chino Hills, Sleepy Hollow, and Eastvale. Don’t let your water heater leave you showering in the cold. Contact our tankless water heater service in Glendora, CA, today and watch how simple and easy it is to restore warm water to your home!

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